Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  1. What is the Online Provisional Permit System?

    The Online Provisional Permit System is an online portal that allows persons wishing to apply for a provisional permit to do so online, at their convenience. The system captures all required information such as an applicant’s bio data, supporting documents and photograph. Online applications are then reviewed and processed by licensing office staff.

  2. What is a Provisional Permit?

    A provisional permit (also known as a learner’s permit) is a document issued by the Licensing Authority granting a qualified person the ability to practice driving for a particular vehicle classification. Provisional permits are valid for a period of one year and can only be used in specific circumstances, which are detailed on the back of the permit.

  3. What is an Endorsement?

    An endorsement is considered to be any additional vehicle class that is subsequently added to a person’s driver’s licence after its initial issuance.

  4. What are the different vehicle classes?
    • Class 1 – Motor Cycles
    • Class 2 – Wheel Tractors
    • Class 3 – Light Motor Vehicles
    • Class 4 – Heavy Motor Vehicles
    • Class 5 – Extra Heavy Motor Vehicles
    • Class 6 – Omnibuses
    • Class 7 – Other (i.e. specialty vehicles such as cranes, motor rollers etc.)
    • Taxi
  5. What classes can I apply for as a potential first time driver?

    First time drivers can apply for either: Class 1 (motor cycle), Class 2 (wheel tractor) or Class 3 (light motor vehicle).

  6. What are the requirements to apply?
    • Applicants must be at least seventeen (17) years old to apply for a provisional permit for classes 1, 2 and 3. For classes 4, 5, 6 and 7 applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and be the holder of a valid driver’s licence (class 3 or higher) to apply.
    • Applicants must be a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago or have recognized immigration status as a resident of the country.
    • Applicant must be found free of any prior offences that prevent them from obtaining a permit.
    • Applicant must provide the following documents
      1. Proof of Address in the Applicant’s Name, no more than 3 months old (i.e. Utility bill)
      2. Authorization letter from person named on utility bill, no more than 3 months old (if different to applicant)
      3. Copy of 1 form of national ID from person named on utility bill (if different to applicant)
      4. Scanned photograph of applicant:
        • In colour
        • With a white background
        • Dimensions: 5.3 cm in height, 4.3cm in width
        • Taken no more than 3 months ago
      5. Completed and signed application form (generated from the Online Provisional Permit System)
      6. Completed medical form
        • For persons aged 65 years and older (all classes) OR
        • For persons applying for classes 2,4,5,6 or 7
      7. Form(s) of ID:
        • For first time applicants: Passport only OR National ID and Birth certificate
        • For existing holders of a driver’s permit/licence: Driver’s Permit/Licence only
  7. I do not see the permit I wish to apply for in the Online Provisional Permit System, what should I do?

    Contact your preferred licensing office for more information.

  8. Can I acquire a provisional permit without applying via the Online Provisional Permit System?

    Persons wishing to apply for provisional permits for classes 1,2,3,4, 5, 6 and 7 must utilize the Online Provisional Permit System to apply, provided the site they wish to visit has been launched.

  9. How do I access a previous application to check the status or make changes?

    Visit the Online Provisional Permit System portal with your application reference number and use the “Find Application” feature on the portal’s home page. Please note: once an application has been submitted for review, no further changes can be made to the application.

  10. I forgot my reference number, how do I retrieve my application?

    Upon completion of the first page of the online application form, a reference number is made available for you to take note of. Your reference number can also be found in the email you received after the successful submission of your application.

  11. How long does the application review process take before I know if I am approved?

    The application review process may take approximately 2-3 working days to be completed, however this timeframe may differ based on the load at your selected licensing office.

  12. Can I visit any licensing office location to collect my permit which I applied for online?

    Yes. Subsequently, regulations and driving test appointments can be scheduled at any site of your choice.

  13. I received an email stating my application was queried, what do I do next?
    • Using your application reference number, retrieve your application on Online Provisional Permit System via the “Find Application” feature.
    • Details of the query are noted on your application with instructions on what needs to be adjusted.
    • Make requested changes and resubmit your amended application for further processing.
  14. I started an online application but did not complete it before exiting, is the information lost?

    A reference number is assigned upon completion of the first page of the application. This reference number can be utilized to retrieve the application via the "Find Application" feature on the Online Provisional Permit System home page. Uncompleted applications expire after 24 hours of their initial creation and must be re-done.

  15. Can I apply for multiple provisional permit classes at the same time?

    Yes. However, a separate application must be completed for each vehicle class.

  16. Once my online application is approved, what do I do next?

    After your application has been successfully reviewed, an email is sent indicating your application was approved. At this point, you can now proceed to the licensing appointment website: to book a Provisional Permit appointment to pay for and collect your provisional permit.

  17. Do I need to bring in any documents for my appointment after supplying them online?

    Yes. The original version of documents submitted online (excluding your picture) must be provided at your appointment for verification.

  18. Once I receive my provisional permit, can I book an appointment for my regulations exam and driving test?

    Upon receiving your provisional permit, you can book a regulations appointment date no sooner than 10 calendar days from the issuance of your provisional permit. Driving test appointments can be dated no sooner than 21 calendar days after completion of a successful regulations exam. Appointment dates to retake failed exams (both regulations and driving) can be dated no sooner than 7 calendar days after your last failed attempt.

  19. What fees are there?

    The fee for a provisional permit (all classes) is $210. This fee covers the cost of the provisional permit as well as the first attempt of the specified class’ regulations exam. A list of all Licensing Office fees can be found at: Division Forms/Transport-fees.pdf

  20. I have an existing provisional permit issued before the launch of Online Provisional Permit System, do I need to reapply?

    No. Provisional permits issued prior to the launch of Online Provisional Permit System are still valid. If your provisional permit has since expired, you can make an appointment to have it renewed via the licensing appointment website:

  21. I have an existing provisional permit issued before the launch of Online Provisional Permit System, can I do my regulations or driving exams at any site?

    No. You would have to seek written permission from the Transport Commissioner to have your records move